Non-Profit Videography

Here at Desire to Inspire Studios we love telling the untold stories of people helping people using video. We love working with non-profits and help them spread the word about the work they are doing and grow their tribe.

Event Photography and Videography

We love non-profit fund raising events and are able to capture the moment with our cameras, both through photos and with video.

5×7 Step and Repeat / Photo booth Fundraiser

We have created a system which allows non-profits to benefit from the services of a professional photographer without ultimately paying a penny out of their own pocket. In addition, we provide their guests with a photographic memento of the evening, and in many cases, we even raise some money for their cause while we’re at it. Sound too good to be true? Here is a how it works. We set up a booth at the event where we take 5 x 7 photographs of your guests, with on-the-spot printing. The backdrop can be themed any way you like, and the photographs go into a handsome photo mount picture frame to create a photographic memento of the evening which creates ongoing PR and Marketing for the non-profit while reminding the guests of the amazing evening where they gave back to their community.

Professional Portraits

We have everything from individual portrait sessions to annual report portraits depicting a story. So if your business needs photos of the team for your website or print marketing materials, or if you just need a headshot for LinkedIn, we allow you to smile from the heart and click the camera at the right time. For all our Portrait Photography Services we offer 100% Client Satisfaction Guarantee. If you have any questions, please call us at 415-488-5720.

3d Business Listings

We use a Master Google Street View Trusted Photographer. Your 3D Model and 360 degree photos will be uploaded to the Google Street View Platform and published to your Google Business Listing. You also get your 3D Model for your website and social media. Uniquely designed ‘Dollhouse’ and ‘Floor Plan’ views set our technology apart from static 2D photos or virtual tours. This new easy to use realistic and immersive way to experience your space online is like no other.